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ATB Adjustable Breaking Torque Wrenches
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ATB Adjustable Breaking Torque Wrenches

Product Information


  • Compact design allows easy access where space is restricted Offers improved control of the tightening process by reducing the risk of under and over tightening. This is achieved by the tools unique breaking mechanism  that allows the operator more time to react once the target torque is achieved
  • Versatile tools ideal for Maintenance & Repair applications where a range of torques can be applied quickly and easily to a variety of fasteners and connectors
  • Reduces the likelihood of warranty and rework by assuring process control through accurate and repeatable torque application
  • Fast and accurate to set using the quick and clear to read micrometre setting scale
  • Accuracy +/- 6% of reading
  • ISO 6789:2003 Classification 2A


These tools are length dependent, with hand position altering the torque applied


Code Model Nm MM Kg
050500 ATB 5 1-5 220 0.29
050550 ATB 10 2-10 220 0.30




Price: $425.36

Product Code: R050500S
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