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Product Information

Width: 27.5 mm

Weight: 1080g

Length: 558.5 mm

Scale divisions: 10 N.m

Range of work / measurement:  60 - 300 N.m

Range of work / measurement: 45 – 220 lbf.ft

Drive connector pin: 16

Depth gauge: 32mm

Distance middle of handgrip to pivot point: 482.5mm

Distance housing – drive: 32mm

Scale ring graduation: 1 N.m


  • Controlled screw tightening in the most widely used range of 60 - 300 N·m / 45 - 220 lbf·ft
  • For use in almost all industrial manufacturing areas
  • Features:

  • Classified to DIN EN ISO 6789:2003 Type II Class A, with a factory certificate. Working accuracy: +/- 3% tolerance of scale set torque. The specification of the standard (+/- 4%) is exceeded.
  • Adjustable torque wrench with spigot end
  • For controlled bi-directional tightening
  • With certificate acc. to DIN EN ISO 6789, traceable via in-house DKD laboratory to national standards
  • Release system triggers a tactile and audible signal
  • Sturdy, satin chrome-plated tubular steel design and high-quality plastic parts
  • Dual scale N·m and lbf·ft below a window with a magnifying-glass effect
  • Magnifying glass with marking for minimum paralaxe errors allows a high degree of safety when setting the requisite torque value
  • Additional micrometre scale for setting interim values
  • Ergonomically shaped black plastic handgrip
  • With an indentation in the middle of the handgrip as a calibration aid
  • Factory depth gauges: 32 mm (16)
  • Operation only with end fittings with standardised depth gauges, otherise inaccuracies can arise
  • Depending on the application, access is possible from the front (e.g. open-end fitting) or side (e.g. reversible ratchet and socket)

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