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10-50 Nm Stahlwille Torque Wrench
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10-50 Nm Stahlwille Torque Wrench

Product Information


Range of Work Nm: 10-50 Nm

Range of Work ft.lbs: 7-37 ft.lbs

Drive connector rectangular: 9 x 12

Weight: 1054g

Service MANOSKOP® 730N

  • cut-out type
  • mount for interchangeable insert tools
  • QuickRelease safety lock
  • fast, accurate setting thanks to QuickSelect quick-action adjuster
  • dual stop signal
  • easy-to-read double scale with colour coding to differentiate between N m and ft.lb scales
  • the measuring element is only under load while force is being applied, no need for manual reset to zero
  • can be applied for either clockwise or anticlockwise tightening by turning the inserts over
  • any force applied to the tool after the 'click' or applied in the opposite direction to the current function - e.g. forcible loosening of a jammed screw - does not act on the trigger mechanism and cannot cause damage to it.
  • two-component handle with ergonomically designed green softer layers (resistant to oils, grease, fuels, brake fluids and Skydrol)
  • calibration using perfectControl calibrating unit No 7794 or calibration system No 7706. Adjustment without disassembly.
  • with certificate
  • registered design
  • display deviation value ± 3%


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