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Dremaster SE Torque Wrench DMSE150
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Dremaster SE Torque Wrench DMSE150

Product Information


The Gedore Dremaster DMSE is the most advanced adjustable torque wrench on today’s industrial market. It’s unique German design separates it from the competition.

  • Controlled screw tightening in the most common range of 20 - 400 N·m / 15 - 300 lbf·ft (guide for screws M7-10.9 to M20-6.9)
  • Adjustable, releasing and sturdy tubular torque wrench with rectangular cavity for industry and the trades Features:
  • Classified to DIN EN ISO 6789:2003 Type II Class A, with a factory certificate allowing for operations to be traced back. Calibrated to a permitted +/- 3 % deviation and better. The specifications of the standard (+/- 4 %) are exceeded.
  • For controlled bi-directional tightening
  • Sturdy, satin chrome-plated tubular steel construction, with chrome-plated rectangular cavity (9x12 mm or 14x18mm) and high-grade plastic parts
  • Ergonomically shaped, 2-component plastic grip with calibration aid
  • Change-over between N·m main scale and lbf·ft ancillary scale to avoid reading errors when setting the torque wanted.
  • With micrometre scale for main N·m scale for setting interim values
  • Release system triggers a tactile and audible signal
  • Ergonomic system for torque adjustment with reference symbol
  • Fast adjustment provision
  • Secured adjusting/setting system
  • Factory depth gauge: 17.5 mm (9x12) or 25 mm (14x18)
  • Operation only with end fittings with standardised depth gauges, otherwise inaccuracies can arise
  • Depending on the application, access is possible from the front (e.g. open-end fitting) or side (e.g. reversible ratchet and socket).
  • Patent applied






Torque Weight Dimensions (mm)
lbf.ft Nm g L B
R2641453S DMSE 150 9x12 22-110 30-150 1000 489.5 27.5



Price: $363.77

Product Code: R2641453S
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